What are evergreen webinars?

They are webinars whose topics are always relevant and interesting for a large number of attendees, no matter when and in what circumstances you run them. In evergreen webinars, you share knowledge that is always “fresh” and needed.

Why should you have a set of evergreen webinars?

To use them anytime you have no current topics to cover. They are also a great way to promote your business in a certain season or circumstances – e.g. summer holidays – or in your new product campaign.

Evergreen webinars are good for your SEO. You probably know what topics related to your business your customers search for. Include relevant keywords in your webinar and share the recording on your site, making it properly optimized for browsers. It will continually drive traffic to your site as the topic stays fresh for a long period of time.

With evergreen webinars, you can also develop your expert’s position. You share knowledge that’s always relevant and you have ready answers to questions your customers will keep asking.sell webinars online

Types of evergreen webinars


These are? How to…” guides, in which you teach people how to build, cook, fix, draw, or choose something, for example:

How to choose running shoes? If you sell sports stuff, teach customers how to choose equipment that fits their needs. No matter what current trends are, certain rules don’t change.
A quick guide to making stunning graphics in Canva. A social media expert can use their YouTube channel to host webinars on creating great content for social platforms.

How to pack your cabin luggage in 10 minutes. A webinar on how to quickly squeeze everything you need in a tiny bag will be much appreciated by customers of a holiday booking service or a luggage online store.best webinar services

Educational webinars

These are webinars in which you share knowledge on important topics a large number of your customers are interested in. For instance:

The most common reasons cats pee outside the litterbox. If you sell pet products make sure you have a series of pet-related webinars on your site. The topics can be pet care, pet food, common diseases and behavioral problems.

Spelling mistakes English language learners make. A language school can host webinars on common problems such as pronunciation or frequently confused words. You can promote your webinars during school entrance exams to drive traffic to your site or YouTube channel.

Craft beer. What every beer lover must know before they raise a pint. If you run a microbrewery invite your customers to attend a webinar on beer styles, the secrets of beer making or beer history.benefits of online education

Expert’s tips and tricks

These are guides in which you cover evergreen topics and give advice from your own experience. For instance:

3 alternative coffee brewing methods I have tested. A coffee online store with own roaster can invite customers to visit its site or social channels to watch webinars on coffee blends, latte art techniques and tea types.

10 ways of organizing your wardrobe I recommend. A lifestyle blogger can host webinars on timeless pieces of clothing every man or woman needs, types of fabrics and on how to take care of your clothes.webinars software free

What should you keep in mind to make your webinars truly evergreen?

Your webinar is to stay relevant for a long period of time so don’t say things like “I’ve been in this business for 3 years” or “I last used this trick 2 months ago”.

Don’t refer to current topics like a popular brand’s recent marketing campaign, the last presidential election or a famous celebrity wedding.

Don’t mention products that are popular now but may not be as popular in a few years’ time. So in a webinar on how to spend time outdoors with kids, skip the bit about Pokemon Go.

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